These Are the Hangers Jean Queen Khloé Kardashian Relies on to Organize Her Denim

As the mastermind behind Good American, a curve-inclusive line of jeans feautring an array of super trendy styles of pants, shorts, skirts, jackets, and even bodysuits, it should go without saying that Khloé Kardashian has a pretty robust denim wardrobe. Aside from her personal collection, the reality star also owns pretty much every possible style of pant from every denim brand that exists. And given that she’s a bit obsessive when it comes to organizing, naturally all of those pieces are also perfectly placed and curated. In her latest post on her website and app, the jean queen deigned to share her masterful tips so we can all finally get that towering pile of denim finally under control.

The Good American designer starts off the post saying, “I have A LOT of denim these days—so, honey, you KNOW I have an elaborate system for keeping it organized in tip-top Khlo-C-D shape! It can be tricky to keep your jeans neat and accessible. No. 1 enemy? Folded stacks of jeans. Closet MVP? Chrome Slack Hangers.”

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According to Khloé, these simple half-open hangers are the only trick you need to take your closet from tragic to trés magnifique. “Hanging my jeans (rather than folding them) allows me to pull out a pair without f***ing up the PERFECT system I’ve got going on, LOL,” she says. “Slack hangers allow you to see the full leg and waistband of your jeans, so you basically know what everything is without having to pull it all out. These slim chrome hangers are also genius for space saving.”

Finally, Khloé explains that, “Color coding is essential.” That means if you don’t have a complete rainbow of denim in your wardrobe, you’re doing it wrong. “I separate my white denim from my black denim and separate THAT from my denim denim (lol), which is organized from light wash to dark wash,” she explains. In case those meticulously stacked jars of Oreos in her kitchen didn’t already tip you off, she concludes,”Everything has got to have a system!”

What do you think of Khloé’s organizational hack? Will you try it? Sound off below!



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