RHOC Stars Tamra Judge and Kelly Dodd Agree to ‘Move Forward’ After Insult-Heavy Twitter War


Two Real Housewives of Orange County rivals have decided to bury the hatchet after trading insults and accusations over Twitter.

On Monday’s episode of Bravo’s first Housewives series, Tamra Judge and Kelly Dodd sat down for a one-on-one chat in an effort to patch things up and find a way to “move forward.”

Their meeting came on the heels of an explosive dinner at Newport beach restaurant The Quiet Woman, in which Dodd, 43, fought with Judge’s best friend Shannon Beador — mocking the Orange County Housewives 40-lb. weight loss by telling her to “keep eating.”

Plates and expletives were thrown during that not-so-quiet dinner as Judge tried to comfort an emotionally distraught Beador. “Kelly Dodd is nothing. She’s a nobody,” Judge told Beador afterward. “She’s an angry, angry, angry person. You cannot let her get the best of you.”

If Judge’s comments felt harsh, it’s because she’s had a lot of experience with Dodd’s tongue. Last season, the 49-year-old Cut Fitness owner spent a signifiant amount of time defending Dodd and her outbursts to the other ladies — saying Dodd’s tense relationship with husband Michael was the cause of it. But in Ireland, Dodd crossed a line by making a disparaging comment about Judge’s estranged daughter, Sidney Barney. And before trip’s end, Dodd would push things even further by repeating rumors that Judge’s husband Eddie was gay.

They made up when they returned home, though things only got worse in between seasons. After a conversation between Judge and a friend of Dodd’s was exposed on a blog, Dodd began lashing out on Twitter — calling her a bad mother and threatening to call Judge’s ex-husband and estranged daughter. Judge retaliated by alleging that Dodd had a criminal past, writing “When a criminal like is making false accusations about me, I have to laugh. #howmanytimeshaveyoubeenarrested #prayforkelly.”

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The tweets — which were screengrabbed and shown during the episode — have since be deleted, but the effects of the war has have remained. “Kelly has definitely been antagonizing me on social media,” Judge explained on Monday’s episode. “She has talked about my son Ryan, she has talked about Sidney and she’s talked about Eddie.”

That was part of the reason Judge was anxious about meeting with Dodd at first — but compassion (and curiosity) still led her there. “There’s something about Kelly that’s just confusing to me,” Judge explained to audiences. “She has this switch that flicks and then she’s batshit crazy. As much as I don’t like her, I kind of feel sorry for her. So I want to hear what she has to say.”

Things started off well from the get-go, Judge explaining that she wasn’t someone who was looking to make trouble. “Believe it or not, I don’t want to fight. But when I get pushed the corner like you, I come with claws out,” she said. “The truth of the matter is, you hurt my feelings really bad.”

Dodd understood. “The social media stuff that happened between Tamra and I was absolutely obnoxious, but it’s very hard for me to control myself when things get heated,” she confessed to viewers. “I can’t help it.”

“I want to move forward,” Dodd added to Judge. “I don’t want to go back to that.”

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Judge was happy about that. “There are so many things I want to tell Kelly to go f— off about. So many things. But as I sit here, I realize I got to move on,” she told viewers.

“I’m glad that we’re here today …,” Judge told Dodd. “I think you’re a lot like me where, I’m over things. I’m over things. … I’m sorry for anything I engaged in. I really am.”

“I’m sorry too,” Dodd said, explaining she was impulsive but gets over things. “I accept your apology.

With the two moving on, Judge felt good about Dodd and Beador being able to do the same. “I think that Kelly does have a little bit of remorse. She really does,” she told Beador.

Beador appeared open to that, which should make Dodd happy. “I just want to be friends with everybody,” she said. “I want everybody to get along.”

The Real Housewives of Orange County airs Mondays (9 p.m. ET) on Bravo.

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