Adorable, Rare and Endangered: White Lion Quintuplets Born at Czech Zoo (See Photos!)

When it comes to white lions, which is your preference: a glam metal band from the ’80s or the beautiful and rare majestic beasts that belong to the large cat family?

If your answer was No. 2 (and we strongly suspect it was), then you’re in luck because a litter of five adorable and critically endangered white lion cubs — that’s right, quintuplets! — arrived at the Dvorec Zoo in the Czech Republic on May 4, and the force is clearly with them.

According to, the cubs’ birth was a surprise to zoo staff, but they’ve been under round-the-clock care and have continued to thrive. The four girls and one boy are also being carefully watched by their parents, 7-year-old Tia and 6-year-old Agi. Dvorec Zoo director Viktor Ambroz calls them “a great family.”

Native to South Africa’s Kruger and Timbavati regions, white lions are genetically rare. It’s estimated that less than 13 of the big cats live in the wild, with about 300 living in captivity. The newborn cubs are a vital addition to their species’ survival.

The Telegraph reports the girl cubs are named Asmara (Justice), Dabe (Health), Dunia (Life) and Congit (Beauty), and the boy cub is called Mesfin (King).

Anyone else think this crew warrants a sequel to The Lion King, or at least a Netflix series about Simba going on a road trip to meet his fashionable, long-lost cousins living in Europe? Just saying!



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