Bitter Prince Henrik Says His Wife Queen Margrethe ‘Is Playing Me for a Fool’

Prince Henrik really knows how to hold a grudge.

Last week, it was announced that the Danish royal, who is married to Queen Margrethe, will not be buried next to his wife after his death in Denmark’s Roskilde Cathedral as planned. The decision is a direct result’s of Henrik’s longtime bitterness over the fact that he’s a prince consort, and not a king.

After a representative for the Danish royal family made the announcement last week, Henrik himself is speaking out about his controversial decision in a new interview with Danish magazine Se og Hør. And in the interview, he doesn’t mince words when it comes to how he feels about his title — and that his wife never made him a king consort.

“If she wants to bury me with her, she must make me a king consort,” he told Se og Hør. “Finished. I do not care.”

Henrik, who retired from royal duties in January 2016, says that his lack of a king title has made him feel unequal in his marriage, and that he feels disrespected by his wife because of it.

“My wife has decided that she would like to be Queen, and I’m very pleased with that,” he said. “..But as a person, she must know that if a man and a woman are married, then they are equal.”

“My wife hasn’t shown me the respect an ordinary wife should show her spouse.”

He even says that she’s made a “fool” of him by not giving the title of king — which, for the record, is not traditionally given to husbands of monarchs. (Queen Elizabeth‘s husband, Prince Philip, for example, is a prince, not a king.)

“She’s the one playing me for a fool. I didn’t marry The Queen to get buried at Roskilde.

Finally, he throws out an ultimatum: Make me a king consort or I’m spending all of eternity elsewhere.

“It’s my wife and not me that can do anything about this matter. If she wants me buried with her, she has to make me King Consort.”

He finishes: “End of story – I couldn’t care less.”

Despite Henrik’s harsh words, he does say that he and Margrethe “love each other.” This past June, the couple celebrated their 50th anniversary.

Margrethe and Henrik are currently in France, on a two-week vacation together, which, after this interview, might be just a little bit uncomfortable.



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