Ex-QVC Exec Sues Matchmaker After Paying $150,000 to Allegedly Be Set Up with Married and Mentally Unstable Men

You can buy almost anything on QVC, but you can’t buy love.

Darlene Daggett, the home shopping channel’s former president for U.S. commerce, filed a lawsuit in Philadelphia against a high-end matchmaking service after being set up on a string of disastrous dates, according to The Philadelphia Inquirer.

According to the outlet, the 62-year-old executive handed over $150,000 to Kelleher International, a company that she said promised to introduce her to wealthy bachelors from around the world, in 2014. However, her suitors turned out to be less than desirable, she alleged.

“Kelleher’s ‘highly screened’ matches for Daggett included men who were married, mentally unstable, physically ill, pathological liars, serial Lotharios, stalkers, convicted felons, and men unwilling or unable to travel and/or the subject of professional sanctions,” attorney M. Kelly Tillery said in the lawsuit.

Court records show both parties agreed to a settlement hours after Thursday’s filing in federal court, according to The Inquirer. Both sides declined to further comment on the case, citing a nondisclosure agreement.

“Ms. Daggett dismissed the lawsuit as the parties have amicably resolved the dispute,” Tillery tells PEOPLE. “She wishes Kelleher International the best.”

The Inquirer reported one of her matches wept through their first date because of his deceased wife. Daggett learned his wife was not dead, however, when she got a call from her. The man refused to cut off communication with the former QVC executive, until she finally hired an attorney to pursue a stalking complaint, she alleges in the suit.

Another date was with a disgraced New York Supreme Court judge — whom she learned learned from a Google search had slept with an fellow attorney.

“It doesn’t always work out,” said Kelleher chief executive Amber Kelleher-Andrews, a former Baywatch and Melrose Place actress, in a statement to the newspaper.

“But what is good about each scenario is that you still have a lot of reflection, and you have an opportunity to look at yourself and your potential partner and really discover what’s realistic in terms of expectation. … If in the end it doesn’t work out with someone, we do our best to end it fairly and reasonably.”

from PEOPLE.com http://people.com/human-interest/qvc-exec-sues-matchmaking-company/


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