Kesha Breaks Down When Talking About New Album Rainbow: It ‘Literally Saved My Life’

Kesha is opening up about her new album Rainbow — her first in five years — and the pain behind the emotional project.

The 30-year-old singer spoke through tears during a Wednesday appearance on Good Morning America as she talked about her triumphant return to music.

“This record has quite literally saved my life,” she said of the new album. She went on to explain why she chose the title: “I think color symbolizes hope … I’ve always just found the hope in the bright colors and I wanted to bring that more into my everyday life.”

Kesha has been slowly returning to the spotlight in recent weeks, beginning with the release of her emotional track “Praying.”

“It’ so personal. I’ve written every song on this album and they’re all so personal,” she said.

“This song, I think, is just really important because it talks about me personally going through something very hard — lots of very hard things — making it through, not giving up, and finding empathy on the other side, which is incredibly hard sometimes.”

Kesha Recorded New Music ‘at Her Own Expense’: Source Says ‘She’s Not Giving Up’ on Dr. Luke Lawsuit

After releasing the single, Kesha followed up with the anthem “Woman” — where she declares herself a “motherf—ing woman” throughout the chorus — and “Learn to Let Go.”

The tracks come amid Kesha’s ongoing legal battle with Dr. Luke, whom she has accused of drugging, raping and verbally, physically and emotionally abusing her. Dr. Luke has vehemently denied the allegations.



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