Women Get Revenge on Guy Who Booked Six Dates on the Same Night: We ‘Left Homeboy with the Bill’

Six woman turned the tables on a man who they claim scheduled back-to-back dates with them all on the same night at the same location.

Lisette Pylant, 26, said she recently showed up at a Washington, D.C. bar for a date with a man named Justin. She soon learned that she wasn’t the only one the lothario invited out that evening.

“As soon as Kristen and Raven showed up, we decided it was too ridiculous not to share,” Pyalnt said during a Wednesday appearance on Good Morning America. “If this was happening to us it might be happening to other people too. And we just figured this guy needed to be called out.”

Pylant detailed the evening in a series of now-viral tweets, noting that the women each entered the bar for what they believed to be a one-on-one date with Justin.

“When Raven showed up, the three of us quickly realized we were on a 3-on-1 date and we decided to turn our date night into a girl’s night and left him with the tab,” Incorvaia told GMA.

So, they turned the tables.

“I’m stealing his dates and making them my friends and I’m SO HERE FOR IT,” she tweeted. Plyant later added: “He tried to say he was looking for love and his future wife. These ‘weren’t dates’ they were apparently ‘pre-date conversations.’ ”

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By the end of the evening, six women found themselves bonding at the bar over their shared experience: Pylant, Incorvaia, Manigault, Kali Bowers, Alex Moody and Jess Free.

“Dating in 2017 is messy. And life is messy,” Free told GMA. “Life is too short, so we took a negative situation and turned it into a friendship and it’s just funny. You can’t treat people like that.”

from PEOPLE.com http://people.com/human-interest/guy-schedule-6-dates-twitter-lisette-pylant/


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