Survivor of Rhode Island Station Nightclub Fire Rebuilds His Life 14 Years Later

Joe Kinan was badly burned in the deadly Station Nightclub fire in Rhode Island that left 100 dead and 230 injured in February 2003. But in the 14 years since the incident, Kinan has rebuilt his life piece by piece, and he shares his story with host Jeremy Parsons in PEOPLE’s new series, My Life Now.

On the night of the fire, Kinan suffered third- and fourth-degree burns on 40 percent of his body, which caused him to lose his hands, toes, and his left eye—the most extensive injuries of any of the fire’s survivors. Kinan’s recovery journey includes over 100 operations and a successful hand transplant, but his transformation has not only been about mending his injuries, it’s been about enriching his life—Kinan married his fiancé of two years, Carrie Pratt, and fathered a child for the second time in 2014. Kinan’s remarkable story is one of strength, resilience and the power of love.

Watch the full episode of My Life Now: Joe Kinan now on the new People/Entertainment Weekly Network (PEN). You can also visit, or download the PEN app on your favorite mobile or connected TV device.

In this episode, Kinan revisits the site of the Station Nightclub fire, which is considered one of the deadliest nightclub fires in U.S. history. The site was turned into a 1-acre park to memorialize victims and survivors in May 2017. Kinan relives memories of the fire and discusses his physical and mental healing process, including how he has dealt with his self-consciousness and his disfigurement.

My Life Now is a new series from PEOPLE that follows host Jeremy Parsons as he catches up with the men and women from the magazine’s most memorable human interest stories, which include many inspirational figures like Kinan.



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