Traveling This Summer? Consider One of These 5 States That Don’t Have Sales Tax


What do Delaware, New Hampshire, Alaska, Oregon and Montana have in common? They’re all tax free!

We often think of sales tax as that extra few cents added onto our morning coffee or that annoying surprise at check out for big ticket items, but residents of — and visitors to — five U.S. states don’t have to contend with either.

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If you’re planning a summer vacation or road trip, you may want to consider one of these destinations. Especially if you’re booking lodging, renting a car or going to do some serious shopping. Those little percentages add up when dropping a lot of cash.

Beware that some of these “tax free” states do have some loopholes that occasionally target visitors. Montana, for example, has a 3% sales tax for tourist attractions like resorts. Oregon taxes alcohol and tobacco products. New Hampshire taxes tobacco.

Looking to make a more permanent tax-free move? Delaware has neither sales tax nor property tax.

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Check out the video above to learn more.



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