Las Vegas Victim, 27, Wakes from Coma and Takes First Steps After Being Shot in the Head: ‘Bit of a Medical Miracle’

A 27-year-old victim of the Las Vegas mass shooting has woken from a coma and taken her first steps — with some help — about two weeks after she was shot in the head during the Oct. 1 massacre at the Route 91 Harvest country music festival, PEOPLE confirms.

Tina Frost was at the outdoor concert on the Vegas strip that Sunday night when a gunman opened fire from his nearby hotel suite on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay casino, killing 58 and injuring hundreds of others.

Frost — reportedly an accountant and Maryland native who had relocated to San Diego — was struck in the head and had to have her right eye removed, her mother, Mary Watson Moreland, wrote on a GoFundMe page set up to financially support her recovery.

Frost was in a medically-induced coma after being hit by the bullet, according to the Las Vegas Review Journal.

On Friday night, Moreland shared an update that her daughter had woken up.

“She opens her left eye just a lil and looks all around the room at us, taps her feet whenever music is playing, continues to squeeze our hands, and even gives Austin a thumbs up when asked,” Moreland wrote.

“She sometimes taps to music and also took her first steps today with the assistance of the nurses – 3 steps to the chair and 3 steps back to the bed,” Moreland continued. “She’s obviously anxious to get her wobble back on.”

Family friend Amy Klinger tells PEOPLE that doctors are encouraged by Frost’s progress.

“There is a 90 percent mortality rate with to the head, and she is a little bit of a medical miracle,” Klinger says. “Initially the doctor was saying they were hoping to see progress in a year, and what she has been able to show us in two weeks is amazing.”

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“She is showing signs of awakeness and awareness,” Klinger says of Frost. “She started showing signs of responsiveness the middle of last week.”

Klinger says that late last week, Frost went off her ventilator for a sustained period of time: “She was able to breathe on her own for six hours and that is a big accomplishment.”

What’s more, Klinger confirms, Frost on Friday was able to take “baby steps, with a lot of assistance, from the bed to the chair” about two and a half feet away. Moreland told the Review Journal much the same in an interview on Saturday. She said Frost woke up on Thursday.

While Frost has been responsive to others, she has yet to speak, according to Klinger.

“She has not responded verbally to instructions, but she has been given instructions verbally and has followed those commands,” she says.

Still, Klinger says, “There is no way of knowing what the brain damage is until she is more fully awake.”

The GoFundMe campaign has raised more than $550,000 as of Monday evening, far surpassing its goal of $50,000.

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According to the Review Journal, Frost was attending the Route 91 Harvest Festival with her boyfriend, Austin Hughes, and several friends. The group was enjoying the show near the front of the crowd when the gunfire began around 10 p.m.

They began to run, but it wasn’t long before Frost was hit.

With the help of an off-duty fireman, she was brought to the nearby Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center in Vegas.

Sunrise’s Dr. Keith Blum told the Review Journal that Frost underwent a three-hour surgery, and he described her survival as “miraculous.”

“She’ll have pieces of the bullet in her brain forever. But her vitals are stable, and she’s breathing on her own a little,” Moreland, Frost’s mother, told the newspaper last week, noting that “sometimes she hears me when I talk and squeezes my hand.”

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Klinger tells PEOPLE that Frost was taken by air ambulance to a hospital in Baltimore on Sunday morning. She was accompanied on the plane by her mom and boyfriend, while her dad and younger sister flew separately and met them at the hospital.

“They wanted to find the best location to handle the surgeries, neurological therapies and reconstruction,” she says. “She is a sweetheart, an incredible friend, daughter and girlfriend. She is a hard worker and an incredibly dedicated athlete. She is an all-American girl. She was living a really full life and there is hope with prayers and encouragement that she will be back to that one day.”

Dr. Blum said Frost was awake before she was flown to Maryland, the Review Journal reports.

Efforts to reach her family have been unsuccessful, and Klinger says relatives including her mother have been too focused on Frost’s recovery to speak about what happened.

However, the family has continued to post updates about Frost’s progress on social media.

Late Sunday, Frost’s father, Rich Frost, posted a link to a news story about her being moved to Maryland. He wrote, “Big big hill in her marathon, but once again it was conquered and she continues to be in good hands, and back home by many friends and family.”

“I was told 90 percent of those shot as she was die,” Rich told the Review Journal last week. “Well, it looks like she’s in the 10 percent. … Slowly but surely she’s making progress.”

In a statement to PEOPLE, Tina’s employer, Ernst & Young, said she “has inspired us with her courage and strength.”

“Our EY family across the world has closely followed Tina’s progress,” the statement continued, “and, together with the firm, has committed our support to Tina and her family so they can stay focused on her recovery.”



Selena Gomez Will ‘Forever’ Let Her Baby Sister Know How ‘Strong Bold and Beautiful’ She Is

Selena Gomez continues to prove why she’s a great big sister (and role model) to half-sisters Gracie Elliot Teefey, 4, and Victoria Gomez, 3.

The singer, 25, shared a cute home video of her and her sister on Instagram Monday with an inspirational message to not only her siblings, but also female fans everywhere.

“I’m not scared,” the toddler tells Gomez before she responds: “I know because you’re fearless, right? You’re not scared of anything, right?”

“I will forever let my sister know she is strong, bold and beautiful. She will be raised to know her voice matters. She is going to understand the importance behind being a leader and inspire others by her truth,” the 13 Reasons Why co-producer wrote along with the footage.

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Gomez’s mom, Mandy Teefey, welcomed daughter Gracie Elliot with husband Brian in June 2013 while Gomez’s father, Rick Gomez, and wife Sara welcomed daughter Victoria in June 2014.

Gracie and Victoria make cameos every now and then on older sister Selena’s mega-followed social media platforms.

The empowering message comes one month after Gomez revealed on Sept. 14 that she had undergone a kidney transplant as part of her lupus treatment, and her donor was her best friend, actress Francia Raisa.

“Selena is feeling much better now and she is really excited about the future,” a source previously told PEOPLE.

Also on Monday, the pop star shared a throwback photo of her and mom Mandy from when she was a baby. “Momma and I,” Gomez captioned the sweet mother-daughter moment.


America Ferrera Reveals She Was Sexually Assaulted as a 9-year-old in Heartbreaking Instagram Post

America Ferrera has broken her silence and revealed she was sexually assaulted as a young girl.

The Superstore actress, 33, shared an Instagram post Monday night as part of the #MeToo movement, in which women share their stories of sexual harassment or assault, and revealed her story of being attacked by an older man she knew.

“First time I can remember being sexually assaulted I was 9-years-old,” she wrote. “I told no one and lived with the shame and guilt thinking all along that I, a 9-year-old child, was somehow responsible for the actions of a grown man.”

The television star was then forced to be around her abuser, further compounding her pain.

“I had to see this man on a daily basis for years to come,” she continued. “He would smile at me and wave, and I would hurry past him, my blood running cold, my guts carrying the burden of what only he & I knew — that he expected me to shut my mouth and smile back.”

“Ladies, let’s break the silence to the next generation of girls won’t have to live with this bulls—,” she added.

The former Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants actress has been outspoken about women’s rights. In January, she spoke at the Women’s March in Washington, D.C., telling PEOPLE at the time that she planned to continue fighting for human rights after the march ended.

“I’ve been a part of different convenings in my industry, my hometown in Los Angeles, creating alliances and bridges, challenging myself to step outside of my comfort zone the issues I have historically identified and taken on,” she said.

She added, “I think it’s time for all of us to widen our perspective and widen our circle of what matters to us and what causes we take up. Really at the core of many causes is human dignity. And that is what we share in this fight to be seen and to be valued.”

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The #MeToo movement exploded across social media on Sunday and Monday, and was galvanized by the allegations of sexual assault and harassment involving Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein.

Weinstein’s scandal began when eight women, including Ashley Judd, spoke out against him in a bombshell New York Times report published Oct. 5., where they accused the mogul of sexual misconduct. The paper also reported that Weinstein reached private settlements with eight women, including actress Rose McGowan, who later claimed that the producer had raped her.

Following the initial report, Weinstein said in a statement that he was working with therapists and planned to “deal with this issue head-on.” He has since been fired from his powerhouse studio, the Weinstein Company, kicked out of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences, and his wife, Marchesa designer Georgina Chapman, has announced she’s leaving him.

In response to the lengthy allegations, a spokesperson for Weinstein said, “Any allegations of non-consensual sex are unequivocally denied by Mr. Weinstein.”



Brandi Redmond Claims Cary Deuber Had an Affair with Now-Husband Mark When He Was Married: ‘She Was the Nanny’

Rumors that Cary Duber’s relationship to now-husband Mark Deuber began as a workplace affair while he was married to another woman have long been spread by Cary’s rivals on The Real Housewives of Dallasmany pointing to the fact that the couple have worked together for years (Mark as a plastic surgeon and Cary as his operating assistant and registered nurse) and wed not long after his divorce.

But while Cary and Mark have maintained they didn’t cheat, Monday’s episode saw accusations surface — this time from Cary’s close confidante Brandi Redmond.

“I’ve been protecting Cary for a long time, but I found out that Cary was the nanny while was married,” Redmond confessed to viewers. “She was the nanny and the nurse, but she needed more work, so Mark hired her to do both. It’s a little obvious that they had an affair. If something went on with my family like that, that bitch would have some problems.”

She added: “I’ve been nothing but good to Cary, but if she wants to assassinate my character, then let’s talk about yours, Cary.”

Redmond’s claims came in the wake of a heated battle she and Cary got into while on vacation in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Cary denied saying that Redmond’s “Mommy Makeover” plastic surgeon had previously killed people on the operating table.

Cary was so fed up, she later told Kameron Westcott she was having a hard time being friends with Redmond and mutual pal Stephanie Hollman.”Their behavior towards me has been awful,” Cary said. “I can’t be friends with them!”

That didn’t sit well with Redmond when it got back to her. “I’m not going to sit here and be called a liar over and over again,” Redmond told Hollman. “I’ve done nothing but protect her when we both know she was a nanny for Mark and his wife.”

Hollman wanted to give Cary the benefit of the doubt.

“I have a really good relationship with ,” Hollman explained. “If she says I’m not her friend, it pisses me off, but I don’t want to get there unless she says it. I’m not picking sides. I want to sit down and talk to her about it, because I don’t know why she would ever say she would not be our friend.”

Hollman got her chance at Redmond’s holiday party, where the two confronted Cary in a heated discussion alongside Westcott, fellow Housewife LeeAnne Locken and former Housewife Tiffany Hendra.

Cary once again denied ever making that comment about Redmond’s doctor but explained that she was frustrated with the way Redmond and Hollman were antagonizing Westcott with a sex toy they had brought on vacation as a joke.

Locken wasn’t buying it.

“When Brandi brought the dildo out and poked Kameron on the foot, you leaned back and you laughed,” she told Cary. “And then I walked off the boat, you’re crying and you said, ‘I’m going to be so embarrassed when my stepson sees that big dido and it’s going to have to deal with it and it’s going to be embarrassing.’ ”

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That may have been “100 percent true,” according to Cary, but even after being confronted with the hypocrisy of appearing in a naked photoshoot on the show, Cary maintained that her comments came from a place of love and not hate.

“I just want you to know that everything I’ve done with you guys, I’ve done from the bottom of my heart and it’s been nothing but because I care about you girls,” she told Redmond and Hollman.

That’s when Redmond brought up her accusation.

“It’s like you teeter totter with the friendship,” Redmond told Cary. “You’ve called me a f—— liar. I’ve been a very very good friend to you. I’ve done nothing but protect you. And I know for a fact that you were the f—— nanny.”

Cary wasn’t happy to hear that.

“Wow, going with the kids. I love those children like they’re my own and they’re angels,” she said of her step-kids, Mark’s 20-year-old son Gary and 16-year-old daughter Lara, before storming off. “I feel like I need to go. I’m f—— out of here.”

She may not have gotten a chance to defend her marriage this time, but Cary — who is also mother to a 4-year-old daughter Zuri with Mark — maintained that she would “never go after a married man” on the season 1 reunion.

“We definitely got together quickly after he got separated, but there was a line drawn,” Cary told Entertainment Tonight in June 2016, maintaining that they were friends and colleagues over the years and that Mark had even attended her wedding to her second husband (a marriage that lasted just 3 months).

Explained Mark: “We’ve actually known each other for 15 or 16 years. I was a resident, and she was a young nurse at the hospital. … Then, I had been in practice about 3 or 4 years, and she came to work for me. The reason she did that is because I was doing a lot of complex types of reconstructive surgery that required an operative assistant.”

“It’s certainly been implied that we were sneaking around,” Mark added. “I mean, a lot of what was said was true: we did work together, and we did wind up getting together, and we’re married now. And you know what? Things like that happen. we did not sneak around and have an affair.”

As for why his first-marriage ended, Mark put the blame on himself. “I don’t want to trash my first marriage or my ex-wife, but suffice it to say, I was not in a good place for a long time in my marriage,” he said. “I think I gained a lot of weight, I drank a lot. I think I was just not taking care of myself at all. … I started taking care of myself, and I started losing weight, and I was kind of checked out on my marriage.”

The Real Housewives of Dallas airs Mondays (10 p.m. ET) on Bravo.


Pretty Little Liars’ Sasha Pieterse Reveals She’s Lost 37 Lbs. Throughout Her Journey on DWTS: ‘It Really Is Magical’

SPOILER WARNING: The following post contains details from tonight’s Dancing with the Stars episode. 

Sasha Pieterse underwent both a personal and physical transformation throughout her journey on Dancing With the Stars.

On Monday’s episode of the reality dance competition series, the Pretty Little Liars star performed her final dance — a Little Mermaid-themed rumba — with partner Gleb Savchenko for DWTS‘ Disney Night.

“Right now we’re kind of in the middle of the pack. It really scares me because everyone is so good,” Pieterse, 21, said a video package during rehearsals.

Since joining season 25 of the reality series, Pieterse shared in September that she was down 15 lbs. — and leading up to Monday’s performance, she revealed to viewers that she had lost even more weight.

“We’re halfway through the competition and I’ve lost 37 lbs. It really is magical,” said Pieterse, who gained nearly 70 pounds over two years due to a hormone condition called Polycystic Ovary Syndrome.

“I’m feeling like me again,” Pieterse previously told viewers. “It’s not an easy road, but being able to focus on getting myself healthy again, and the fact that I’m seeing results, getting better is all I can ask for.”

PEOPLE’s special issue 25 Seasons of ‘Dancing with the Stars’ is on stands now.

After performing alongside Savchenko, Pieterse, who admittedly “thoroughly enjoyed this week,” received rave reviews from the judges.

“I love the way your body interprets these dances. You’ve got so many beautiful angles,” said Carrie Ann Inaba. “Mesmerized — well done.”

“That was a well-crafted routine. I thought you had great chemistry together. There was a warmth going on between you,” added head judge Len Goodman.

Pieterse was awarded a 24/30 for her number and said that being a contestant on the show was “something that I never dreamt of and I’m doing it and I love it and I’m so thankful for this opportunity.”

Despite the positive feedback from Inaba, Goodman and Bruno Tonioli, Pieterse found herself in jeopardy with fellow contestant Frankie Muniz, and was ultimately sent home.

“It was incredible. I knew that it was going to be amazing, but it totally blew my expectations away. I have had such an incredible time and I love everybody here, so obviously this is a very sad moment for me, but I’m juts so thankful,” Pieterse said after receiving a standing ovation from audiences. “I’ve had an amazing experience and I’m so happy that I got to share my story.”

Dancing with the Stars airs Mondays (8 p.m. ET) on ABC.


See Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander’s Wedding Bands

They put rings on it!

Low-profile couple Michael Fassbender, 40, and Alicia Vikander, 29, tied the knot in a top-secret ceremony in Ibiza over the weekend, sources confirmed to PEOPLE. And they have the rings to prove it.

On Sunday, the couple was seen celebrating and wearing wedding bands — a simple gold ring on Fassbender and a diamond ring on Vikander. The gathering appeared to be after the couple exchanged vows at the upscale La Granja farmstead resort surrounded by close friends and family.

The couple met on the set of the 2014 film The Light Between Oceans, in which they played a married couple. And while we don’t yet know what Vikander wore on her wedding day, we’ll always have this photo of the couple from their on-screen nuptials.

Both Fassbender and Vikander have been very keen on keeping their relationship status private and out of the gossip cycle.

“I think we’ve made a clear statement that we keep certain things just between us,” Vikander told Entertainment Weekly while promoting The Light Between Oceans. “It was very easy to unite, but that’s quite personal.”

For Fassbender, remaining under the radar and out of the spotlight comes naturally: “Each to their own. I’m not going to talk about my private life with a total stranger, unless I feel like I need to. Why would I? I don’t.”

What do you think of the newly married couple’s rings? Share below.



‘Dreamy Got Her Ears Pierced!’ Blac Chyna Celebrates 11-Month-Old Daughter’s Latest Milestone

Dream Kardashian has had many firsts at just 11-months-old—including getting her ears pierced!

Proud mom Blac Chyna shared videos of her daughter with new earrings on Snapchat Monday with the caption: “Dreamy got her Ears pierced!”

Also in one of the brief clips was Dream’s big brother and Chyna’s son with ex TygaKing Cairo, who turned 5 on Monday.

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Along with getting her ears pierced, Dream’s father Rob Kardashian recently took her to the zoo for the first time.

“Dream’s first time to the zoo,” he tweeted on Friday with a smiley photo of his only child.

That same day, Kardashian, 30, also shared a cute picture of Dream posing at a pumpkin patch amid a collection of the fall-favorite gourds, some decorated with elaborate carvings, and flashing an adorable smile at the camera.

The father of one and Chyna are committed to keeping the peace for their baby girl going forward. “I feel that the key to successful co-parenting is communication and respect,” Chyna told PEOPLE in July.

“I might have one point of view, but hopefully Dream and King’s fathers add theirs, and we can come together to build better people,” she added. “I know right and wrong. I’m pretty sure they know right and wrong. We’re going to do the best we can.”